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New Capital Partners

Live Workshop 
Portfolio of B2B companies journey towards operational excellence through ABM & RevOps 

Key Results from Working with DG Marketing:
Companies Invest in ABM & RevOps after workshop
Outsourced marketing & operations entirely to DG Marketing
in cost savings by reducing inefficient marketing spend


New Capital Partners, a distinguished private equity fund specializing in low and middle-market businesses, endeavors to push companies past their inflection points and achieve sustainable growth while preserving high gross profit margins. 


New Capital Partners sought to integrate ABM into their existing portfolio of B2B companies. 

Recognizing the transformative power of Account Based Marketing (ABM), New Capital Partners sought to integrate this strategy into their existing portfolio of B2B companies. 

A recent partnership with DG Marketing Services and the resulting workshop held in Dallas, provided valuable insights into marketing improvements and made a lasting impact on their portfolio of businesses.

"We built an excellent workshop for our companies that really moved the needle."


Principal at New Capital Partners

Operational Focus of New Capital Partners

New Capital Partners distinguishes itself through its operational expertise, channeling significant efforts into enhancing key areas of their portfolio companies that require professionalization, guidance, and support. 


After highlighting challenging inflection points, they equip these businesses with the necessary tools to surpass obstacles and attain the next phase of growth and productivity. 


The NCP Build program, a customized initiative, facilitates this process by identifying areas of improvement and engaging with top-tier experts, consultants, and partners through immersive virtual or in-person seminars.

“I grade the success of these seminars, based on whether companies will work with that partner, after the event is complete. We had five or six of businesses go forward to contract with Deanna and her team to continue the relationship.”

The Need for ABM Consulting

New Capital Partners recognized that many of their companies were struggling with digital marketing and the strategic development of the sales funnel. With the dynamic nature of the digital landscape and significant shifts in ABM over the past decade, several NCP companies found themselves lagging behind. 


Consequently, the team sought a consulting agency that could assist them in incorporating and optimizing ABM, revenue operations, and attribution to facilitate company growth.

"The seminars were so valuable; they could have easily spanned an entire day."

Value of Attribution and ROI

As NCP companies embraced new growth strategies, the need to determine the return on investment from marketing efforts is a key factor for CEOs and business leaders. 


Attribution techniques, though relatively new for many businesses, provide insights which are scientific in their application. An understanding of attribution mechanics and nuances was vital for companies to make an accurate evaluation of customer touchpoints.

"All of our CEOs have been incredibly pleased. We still have companies, eight months later, continuing to engage and work with Deanna."

NCP's Focus on Operational Excellence

New Capital Partners deliberately operates within highly regulated markets, specifically investing in healthcare and financial sectors, creating a formidable barrier to entry for potential competitors. 


Their overarching goal is to empower businesses to serve customers more effectively than any other competitor in the marketplace. 

Key progress areas, monitored over a five-year horizon, encompasses
Operational Excellence
Go-to-market strategy
Revenue Growth
Customer Retention
Human Capital

DG Marketing Services: Exceeding Expectations

Among the myriad of firms considered by NCP, DG Marketing Services emerged as the chosen partner due to their collaborative approach and competitive edge. 


The marketing domain was uncharted territory for NCP, necessitating a combined effort and a substantial time investment to develop this aspect of their portfolio companies. 


Trey Miller, Principal at NCP, emphasizes the value derived from new processes, best practices, and software tools introduced by DG Marketing - 

"I talk to my CEOs almost every day. When marketing comes up, that program comes up. Everyone thought it was super valuable."

DG Marketing's selection for the Dallas workshop was predicated on their professionalism, adaptability to tailor programming and content to NCP's specific businesses, and their ability to identify and address unique needs. 


Coupled with a competitive pricing structure and the collective expertise of the DG marketing team, Grant, Deanna, and Kristen; New Capital Partners aspires to deepen their collaboration in the coming year, to drive further improvements and mutual growth.

"The ROI was terrific. DG Marketing provided a ton of value for the cost."

Through their strategic partnership with DG Marketing Services, New Capital Partners has unlocked new avenues for operational excellence and growth within their portfolio companies. The success of the Dallas workshop and the sustained engagement of NCP companies with DG Marketing underscore the marketing insights and expertise delivered during the event.

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