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Sr. Demand Generation / ABM Marketer


DG Marketing is searching for a Sr. Demand Generation / ABM Marketer to lead the delivery in customer projects for Demand Generation and Account-Based marketing strategy & orchestration. The Sr. Demand Generation / ABM Marketer is a customer facing role focused on delivering personalized customer experiences, quality deliverables & making an impact to the customer’s bottom line revenue and pipeline.

Compensation Structure & Work Life Balance:

  • This role is particularly suited for marketers who are high performing individuals, self-directed & recognize the value of a work life balance. Specifically, we support your choice to either make as much money as you can or take time off when you need.

  • It’s project-based which means you can take as many projects as you can handle. More projects = more income.

  • This is a remote position, so you can be based anywhere in the world as long as you are willing to work in our customer’s time zones.


Responsibilities & Skill Development Resources:

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the dedicated Sr. Demand Generation / ABM Marketer for a SaaS company supporting with demand generation, account-based marketing and integrated campaign planning.

  • Deliver on consulting engagements, host ABM training sessions & office hours, drive accountability into the organization & orchestrate necessary components for marketing strategies to come to fruition

  • Work closely with the Customer to meet project deadlines and deliver quality deliverables

  • Manage the delivery of client projects from end to end

  • Assess various systems and analyze trends, insights & desired changed behaviors

  • Interview stakeholders & provide summary of business priorities

  • Understand the big picture of a customer’s current state, ideal future state and the roadmap to get to the future state.

  • Presenting findings to clients and other key stakeholders


Deliverable / Responsibilities:

  • Build one-to-few, one-to-many and one-to-one account-based marketing plays based on account plans and the overall marketing strategy

  • Lead the execution of marketing to key accounts from start to finish, partnering with Sales, Product Marketing, Demand Generation Marketing, and other key stakeholders

  • Help execute account-personalized tactics in a suite of marketing channels, including websites, email, social media, and advertising

  • Evaluate and report on the impact of account-based marketing plays in achieving their stated goals

  • Develop resources for customers to help them with ABM, organization structure, tech-stack etc.

  • Partner closely with Sales Leadership, AE’s & other sales stakeholders to define objectives, KPI’s, goals and tactics.


Training Resources & Skill Development:

  • ABM Software & Training (Demandbase, 6th Sense)

  • MAP Training (Marketo & Salesforce)

  • Revenue Marketing Hub – hundreds of resources for strategies, frameworks, templates to use in your engagements with customers.

  • Rev Ops Hub – Resources for operational development of strategies for abm, demand gen and more.

  • Additional Training as needed

Key Relationships:

Marketing & Sales Leadership, Account Executives, Marketing Operations, Sales Operations

Key Competencies:

Requited Experience & Skills:

  • This role requires a seasoned professional with real-world marketing experience (5+ years) in either revenue marketing (demand generation, account-based marketing or integrated campaign planning) or Revenue Operations Leadership.

  • Experience working with SAAS organizations

  • Experience developing demand generation programs or abm programs & executing programs from inception to completion

  • Experience using Salesforce & 1 or more of these Marketing Automation Platforms (Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot) as well as other common technologies

  • Zoom, Powerpoint or Google Slides, Excel or Google Sheets, Slack, Asana, Outlook, Google Drive & Vidyard)

  • Strong writing skills and able to create slide decks

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Experience presenting to senior leadership or stakeholders

  • Experience with ABM Platforms & technologies preferred - Demandbase, 6Sense, Terminus


  • Curious Problem Solver – Regularly seek solutions to problems and challenges on the fly

  • Growth Mindset –believe your capabilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. The idea of doing something ‘new’ doesn’t deter you but rather ignites curiosity and willingness to learn on the job.

  • Versatile—can change priorities/requirements, act fast, and be decisive in critical situations—all with a “can-do” attitude

  • Results-driven, passionate about achieving goals, meeting deadlines, and exceeding performance targets

  • Customer-focused (internal and external)—able to consider and act on others’ motivations and challenges

  • Organized and solution-oriented—able to identify the immediate needs of a situation and establish a plan for meeting them; when problems arise, you don’t just acknowledge them: you think about how to solve them

  • Confident, communicative, and collaborative—someone who values working with and learning from experts, and someone who can provide direction

  • Meticulous about language, demanding that marketing copy be attention-getting, efficient, and on-brand, with accurate grammar, organization, and structure

  • Quality and detail-oriented, ensuring processes are followed and deliverables meet high standards

  • Consistent, reliable, and self-starting


Candidate Profile:

  • Seeking an opportunity to make a direct impact on a business

  • Strategist who enjoys empowering others

  • Values autonomy, work life balance & freedom to prioritize the two in different intervals throughout the year – works and takes time off. Both provide value to each side of the coin (person / professional life)

  • Compassionate & self-aware – recognizes the inevitability of imperfection & embraces the learning and growth for oneself and our customers.

About DG Marketing:


We help our customers grow revenue, scale their marketing efforts and generate meaningful and profitable buyer experiences.

Our customers work with us because we believe B2B SaaS organizations can attain a predictable revenue engine via smart strategies, best-in-class system operations & processes that support the most vital resources of any business – its people!

  • Each team member is part-seasoned marketing professional, part-technologist & part consultant. This means our team is highly strategic, boldly accountable & able to transform innovative strategies into actionable processes.

  • We value being people-centric, tech savvy, strategic, innovative, and authentic. We are collaborative as a team and provide feedback, share knowledge & lift each other up!

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